Top 15 Best Universities in Australia 2018

Top 15 Best Universities in Australia 2018

Top 15 Best Universities in Australia 2018

Top 15 Best Universities in Australia 2018;Australia is a country which takes education seriously and its universities are highly rated on the top list of universities in the world but which of these universities are the top 15 universities in Australia? Which are the best rated universities in Australia? That is exactly what this article would be addressing.


1. Australian National University

The Australian National University (ANU) is one of Australia’s top tier universities and renowned for its excellence. All levels of its administration and tutoring are managed and handled by seasoned and renowned educationalists like the Vice-Chancellor, Brian Schmidt, who got awarded the Nobel Laureate in Physics in 2011.

Australian National University was founded in 1946 and was converted to a full-fledged university from its initial designation as a school of postgraduate study and research.

2. University of Sydney

The University of Sydney is especially noted for many reasons like it being in Sydney which is considered on for the best cities for university students to reside in. The university has produced an astonishing 5 Australian Prime Ministers. Now that’s mind-bugling for just one school.

In recent times, the average number of students enrolled in and studying in the University of Sydney is 42,000 and the come from all works of life and from more than a hundred countries. This is another reason why students choose the University of Sydney – it has a multicultural society and international students from any part of the world would fit right in immediately they come on campus. Founded in 1851, the University of Sydney is also Australia’s

3. University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne would always, in any list of any top universities in Australia, be part of the top 5. World renowned scholars teach at the university.

With about 28 % of the University of Melbourne students being international students (12,000) of its 42,000 students, the university’s community is a diverse one.

Founded in 1853 the University of Melbourne is Australia’s oldest university after the University of Sydney.

4. University of New South Wales (UNSW)

The University of New South Wales (UNSW) is located in Sydney and it is renowned as a research-based university and part of the Group of Eight which are a group of 8 Australian researched-based universities. It is ranked as one of the top 50 universities in the world for this year.

Here’s something; the University of New South Wales has produced more millionaires in its alumni that all the other universities in Australian. That certainly caught your interest.

5. Monash University

Monash University is located in Melbourne and has a student population of just a little over 70,000 and about 37.4 % of them being international students who applied from outside Australia.

Monash University is named after Sir John Monash, who’s a high-ranking Australian general.

6. University of Queensland (UQ)

Like the University of New South Wales stated above, the University of Queensland is part of Group of Eight, a network of Australian research-based universities. It is acclaimed for developing vaccines which can prevent cervical cancer and has received a lot of attention and recognition for it. It is located in Brisbane.

7. University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide has a campus in Singapore and five campus spread all over Australia and is Australia’s third oldest university.

8. University of Western Australia (UWA)

The University of Western Australia is located in the beautiful city of Perth and also part of the Group of Eight, which are a network of Australian research-based universities. It is ranked as the 125th best university in the world for this year.

9. University of Technology, Sydney (UTS)

The University of Technology, Sydney part of a group of closely-knitted universities in Australia with histories of working together with the technology industry called the Australian Technology Network.

10. University of Wollongong

The University of Wollongong is situated in Wollongong, New South Wales and with a student population of about 32,200 being admitted to study.

11. Macquire University

Macquire University has over 1 billion Australian dollars invested in its facilities and infrastructure to ensure the standard of learning are of the best standards in the world. Tradition of innovation and refreshing ideas which are being groomed as can be noticed by the fact that its alumni have gone on to be world beaters.


12. Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

The Queensland University of Technology has a student population of about 50,000 with about 8000 of those students being from outside Australia and it is part of Australian Technology Group which works hand-in-hand with the industry.

The Queensland University of Technology is located in Brisbane and has an astonishing 650 courses for undergraduate and postgraduate studies on offer.


13. University of South Australia (UNISA)


The University of South Australia is a top rated university with a very high research output which was ranked top 50 under 50 universities in the world in 2017. It is also reputed as one of the top five cheapest and high living standard universities in Australia while its business school is ranked very high in the top 1 percent in the world.

There are about 200 degrees on offer in the University of South Australia.

14. University of Tasmania

The University of Tasmania has a student population of about 35,000 and has a Tasmanian outlook and is the fourth oldest university in Australia. Its alumni are from over 120 different countries and hence, another reason why the University of Tasmania is very multicultural and attractive for international students from all over the world.

15. Griffith University

Griffith University has a student population of about 50,000 with six campuses spread over major cities in Australia. The members of the Griffith University speak over 30 languages and has a rich and multicultural experience to it.  It is regularly ranked in the top 400 universities in the world.

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